I Specialize in Creating Eye-Catching Graphics That Get Noticed.

My visual contributions help facilitate improved sales for consumer businesses.


PACKAGE DESIGN: Revelé® Brand Cordless Facial Cleansing Brushes.

PACKAGE DESIGN: Revelé® Brand Bath Sponge in Printed Zip-Bag.

CATALOG DESIGN: Front Cover Layout for Donnamax® Inc. Products Catalog.

CATALOG DESIGN: Catalog Template + Page Layout for Bliss Hammocks®.

PACKAGE DESIGN: BioSwiss® Brand - Printed Graphics on Childrens Bandage.

PACKAGE DESIGN: BoSwiss® Brand - Health & Wellness Item.

DIE-LINE: Instructions for Revelé® Brand - Manicure Set with Travel Case.

PACKAGE DESIGN: Spa Savvy® Brand - Revision Package Design for Faux Eyelashes.


With extensive professional work experience, I’ve worked in various design industries which includes publishing companies, wholesale/retail marketing firms and freelancing. My background in design spans print media, package design, and front-end web design, with an emphasis on conceptual thinking and impact. I have experience collaborating with team members, leading teams, and working independently.



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